Aesthetics is fully different from Cosmetics. Bleaching teeth, that can be good option in some cases, is a kind of cosmetic dentistry.

But aesthetics relates to the essence of beauty and essence of feeling whole. Aesthetic treatment might include soft tissue recontouring (pink aesthetics) and teeth reconstructions (white aesthetics).

It relates to lip support, smile line and soft tissue environment first. In a second hand it refers to teeth colors.

If you get a good color of teeth but in a poor soft tissue environment, then the result will not look natural and you will not feel good.


Implant treatments are based on Computer-guided Implantology, in the same way, aesthetic cases are planned including a full 3D analysis of your smile. Cases are analyzed on 3D images on the computer and guides allow us transferring what has been planned in a very accurate way. I invented this protocol and did the first case in Dubai as a world premiere.

Temporary restorations are used as a test to decide about the final teeth sizes and positions. When temp’s design is accepted, then the final prosthesis is done in a teamwork including myself, the lab technician and you in the center of the team.

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