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In computer-guided implantology the overall process including the CT-scan, the treatment of images, the implant planning and the use of a surgical guide is equal to the cost of one more implant to the patient. The benefit is so big that this is the preferred option of our patients.

I avoid providing oral quotes for implants because I do not sell implants like spare parts. I work on a treatment plan that might include some bone of soft tissue graft or special aesthetics requirements and implants will just be part of the plan.


Arriving in Dubai, I was a little shocked when I saw the commercial ambiance running around health in Middle East. I understand that even doctors need to make their living out of their business, but dealing with health we must stay above these concerns and we must first of all listen to patients problems. We need to treat patients like human being and not just like a money resource. But I guess that patients know how to make the difference and I hope the attitude of few professionals will not depreciate the commitment of the majority of them.

You are charged for your treatment, not for luxury real estate or tax... All insurances are welcome.  Settlements can be discussed for important treatments.


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