Figaro Magazine on 24/11/2006  

World premiere done in France with Dr. Benoît Philippe on a fully computer driven implant treatment.

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Published on 24/11/2006

Charles Muller

Visite dans le cabinet dentaire du XXIe siècle.

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One Million Smiles from Dr Philippe

By Rebecca Wicks, Freelance Writer

Published: August 07, 2008, 23:59

Dr Philippe B. Tardieu is no ordinary dentist. He might well be one of the world's leading dental implantologists, an internationally renowned lecturer, and the author of numerous scientific books and articles, but more than a list of qualifications on paper, it's the set-in-stone reality for the hundreds of people whose lives he has helped improve. And that makes him smile, showing off his very own set of pearly whites as we sit face-to-face.


This evening part was organized at the residence of Madame Thuraya Qambar Al Awadi. She was hosting a group of handicap children from Al Ain Private Center For Care and Rehabilitation. In France, Dr Philippe has been working on increasing the quality of dental care given to these children using conscious sedation in private practice. As soon as Dubai Health Authority will authorize this procedure in private practices, handicap persons will take the advantage to receive the same kind of good treatments as healthy people.


Published in Emirates Business - 25th April 2008- Page 20


Interview by Anna Whitehouse, Monday April 28 2008

One Million Smiles

Give us a smile

Terrified of the dentist? Anna Whitehouse speaks to Dr Phillipe Tardieu about his One Million Smiles project and realises there’s little to fear.


Published in XPress on May 28, 2008

Hot makeovers: Instant beauty.An Associate Professor at New York University and the inventor of the Immediate Smile procedure and components, Dr Tardieu uses hi-tech computer-guided implantology for aesthetic reconstructions which, according to him, gives better accuracy and is safe.

With inputs from Rania Fahmi, Vikram Singh Barhat and Mazhar Farooqui


Dubai's Nightline with James Piecowye on Dubai Eye on May 6, 2008

Dr. Philippe Tardieu of the Alabama Dental clinic,joined us for a very candid talk about the state of dentistry today!

* Are we being well served?

* Is business directing the industry?

__Simply a great chat...

Dubai Eye radio 103.8fm on April 30

Interview with Siobhan Leyden.

The show encourages lively debates and interactive discussions.

The week of eclectic subjects wraps up with a lively two hours of fashion, beauty, health and life-style improvement.


Face to face interview with John Deykin on Dubai TV7

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