"Fantastic, no pain, no discomfort, feels great! Must be honest and say that I thought it would take some time to get used to but this was not the case.  Very easy from the first day. I cannot thank you enough. It was a bit of a journey but the end result is incredible. Again, many, many thanks. A truly fabulous job done.


"The outcome attained is at the highest level & has met more than any of my expectations. You & Dan's acute sense of detail made all the difference with the best outcome in this situation in all aspects. Please keep in mind that you have talent beyond comparison & I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Dr. Phillipe, you have helped me attain a healthy, beautiful smile. One that I have wanted for 30 yrs. I'm very pleased to have met you."


"I would like to add on my happy experience with you in the 'word of mouth' section of your website. I want the whole world to know re your gifted miraculous hands blessed by God. I want to thank you once again for giving me my smile & my confidence back to me. God bless you."


"The day I met Dr Tardieu in France all my teeth worries disappeared! Not only he listened and answered all my questions but he kept on his words about all the interventions on my teeth. He tells you clearly and honestly all the stages of the treatment. All the surgeries were very well done : the result is perfect. He has a very human approach with patient because he takes time to listen and reassure you. His explanations are very clear and structured about the surgeries. In fact during the first appointments he shows you the future works, how he will proceed thanks to panoramic xrays and 3d images. Once you figure out the result you can only trust him a hundred per cent. I think he is perfect in his discipline because he is very compassionate with the patient I mean regarding the pain fear and psychological approach as everybody experienced with teeth troubles. He began to treat me in France in 2006 and since then I didn't hesitate to come to Dubai to continue the treatment because his way to care about you is so special. Moreover his dental center is welcoming, his equipment and staff are very professional and clean. His technique is very modern and as painless as possible because his hands are like artist's one. As Dr Tardieu the prices are very honest and more interesting than in Europe. His personality is very pleasant : warm, dynamic, optimistic person. On my opinion Doctor Tardieu is definitely the most avant-gardist dentist in the world! Now I can eat and smile freely! Merci Philippe!".


" I am a very enthusiastic patient of Dr Philippe Tardieu. What I like about him, is his great professionalism and punctuality. On your first visit, he will probably take a panoramic radio of your jaws. Then, he will invite you to sit down with him in his office. With a great patience, he will make comments about the state of your teeth and answer your various questions. If needed, he will suggest a treatment plan. Such plan will not be necessarily the costlier one, moreover his fees are reasonable. No need to say that his work is performed in the state of the art. It is good to have him in Dubai."


"Remarkable talent, perfect technical rebuilding with the more high level, control of the pain, and the prices which did not even let to me hope to find a similar smile one day. Thank you Dr. Philippe Tardieu".


"Dr Philippe, has an unique approach on how he handles his patients : he is certainly one of the most professional if not the one doing the interventions and the following up. He explains clearly before - during and after the process and intervention - Charismatic and warm/caring person - Good communicator - reasonable pricing - Only goes for the best quality in his work. Kind regards".


"Excellent professionnel qui n'hésite pas à prendre son temps pour choisir la méthode adaptée à chaque problème. Pour le Dr Tardieu, le traitement est primordial mais la douleur du patient est également une de ses préoccupations. Il prend son temps pour expliquer les problèmes, le déroulement de l'opération et ce qu'il va faire dans les moindre détails. Il sait également s'entourer d'un personnel très compétent. Le suivi des interventions est également excellent autant sur le plan professionnel que personnel (il n'hésite pas à appeler ses patients pour savoir si tout va bien) Les tarifs pratiqués sont très raisonnables comparés à ses compétences et à ses confrères. Et tout ce travail avec le sourire... il est vraiment charmant!".

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